Stratoconception® software

A range of software for industry models and tools (standalone version or integrated into CAD), for education or college or applications dedicated to Polystyrene or Packaging



Rapid Prototypes and Toolings

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, Stratoconcept® PRO software allows you to quickly create your prototypes and tooling. From an STL file, you will break down the model into 3D slices and automatically generate, in a few minutes, the tool paths for cutting these layers in the material of your choice (wood, plastic, foam or metal, …). You will realize complex shapes thanks to turnover.


Add-in for TopSolid CAD/CAM

Integrate Additive Manufacturing by Stratoconception® directly on your MOCN with TopSolid’Strato.
The TopSolid’Strato module offers TopSolid 7 users the possibility to produce very large parts. The Stratoconception® Additive Manufacturing process carries out the decomposition of a part into strata for its manufacture from plate materials.




Economic version

Simplified version of Stratoconcept®PRO software intended for the realization of prototypes and small soft tools in the field of education or very small companies.

For the realization of geometrical and functional prototypes, or thermoforming models.


An discover version for Rapid Prototyping in school.

Allows to realize very quickly and simply volume parts, from the Stratoconception® process, in a really different and innovative way.
Destined to the school environment, StratoVR allows to introduce Rapid Prototyping in colleges with a complete prototyping chain (design, machining, assembly). Very simple and intuitive, the software guides the user from the image of the 3D object to the manufacturing of the layers.

The software comes with a case containing a kit allowing the complete realization of several parts.



Rapid manufacturing polystyrene large parts

This process makes it very quick and easy to make large polystyrene prototypes and mock-ups using the Stratoconception® process (Layering of the model). Compatible with CROMA hot wire cutting machines


Fix your STL files

Stratoconcept® MESH software allows you to view, edit and correct your STL files. With the automatic correction tools, you will quickly repair your faulty models. You will be able to make new models with Boolean operations or mold creation tools.