Stratoconception® integration

We also offer to transform your HSM machining center (3 axis minimum) into a true Rapid Prototyping Station thanks to the integration of the Stratoconception® process.

Example of integration of the Stratoconception® process on a 3-axis REALMECA / SPINNER MVC 1600 machine with SIEMENS numerical control
Example of integration of Stratoconception® process on REALMECA C2 machining center

This integration includes:

  • A license for the Stratoconception® process,
  • A version of the Stratoconcept® software,
  • A complete integration study,
  • Custom post-processor development,
  • Procurement of process-specific hardware:
    • Plate holding plate,
    • Mounting kit,
    • Finishing kit,
  • On-site installation,
  • Process technology transfer,
  • Process training,
  • Hotline assistance and access to updates.