Business application development

The CIRTES development team creates business-specific applications for Industry 4.0 in the fields of MeasureandMonitoring, CAD/CAMandAdditive Manufacturing

From dedicated development platforms, our specialists develop tools adapted to your needs for the fields of process monitoring (machining, thermoforming, paper industry, …), acquisition and signal processing of sensors, 2D/3D digital manufacturing (milling, hot wire, laser, cutter) and machine tool control.

Development languages used: C++, C#, HTML 5, Javascript, Labview (embedded), OPENGL.
Recent Web technologies : Angular, Vue.JS, Node.JS, Electron.

CAD/CAM development workshops: TopSolid’ADS – TOPSOLID certified partner.

Development experience for Industry 4.0 technologies: data acquisition systems, instrumentation, CAD/CAM digital mock-up, Smart production, CAD/CAM, G-Code machine control, 3D scanner

Implementation and validation of developments in real conditions on machine tools and industrial pilots in our shopfloor.

Examples of business applications: